I am native to Louisiana, born in Baton Rouge, raised surrounded by people with a propensity for soaking in the richness of southern culture and landscapes. For as long as I can remember, I've had a strong curiosity for the natural world. As an artist, this curiosity paired with a passion for creating has shaped my life.

I am ever humbled by the detail and particularity of nature. I enjoy studying its variation and immersing myself from time to time in order to separate from the world. My paintings are a combination of scientific illustration and a contemporary modern style. I also spend a great amount of time focused on the presentation and framing of my work because I feel that the frame is a way to continue the story of any particular piece. This is why I choose to frame my pieces in reclaimed wood or other natural elements, leading to a simple refined version of unrefined mediums and subject matter. With the effort I put into my work I hope to inspire curiosity and reverence for the place I call home.